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Basic maintenance is like going to the gym; it keeps your car in shape.

With our state of the art diagnostics, we can do all your essential maintenance work. Staying on top of maintenance saves you money, makes your car last longer, will increase gas mileage, and will keep your resale value higher.  Set up your maintenance appointment on a day and time that works for you.

We do pre-purchase inspections, routine maintenance, and insurance estimates. At Yanis Auto we take your safety seriously, every car under our care undergoes a safety check and test drive, before we turn it over to you.

Some of our maintenance services are listed below:

Our Services

*  Scheduled Maintenance

*  Check Engine Light

*  Tune Ups

*  Brake Service

*  Battery Replacement

*  Tire Rotation

*  Timing Belts

*  Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

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